Who’s Me

My name is Theresa Heer.

I am a wife, and a mother of 5.  My husband, Jesse, is an anesthesiologist at Reynolds Hospital on Ft. Sill.  My kids, start with 4 boys, M, J, J, T; and end with a girl, A.  I adore every single one of them!

I also love, love, love health & fitness.  I have held group fitness certifications through AFAA and specialty certifications with TurboKick, and Pilates.  I taught all these formats along with weight lifting classes for 4 years before moving to Oklahoma.  When I moved to Elgin there wasn’t a facility that offered group fitness classes, and being busy with 5 kids, I decided I did not want to make a daily trek to Lawton….

….Enter GPP.  Long story short, a friend told me about GPP, a gym located in the same town my parents live.  She told me they post their workouts online daily for free.  She also told me the workouts usually last between 20 & 45 minutes.  That’s the sentence that grabbed me right there!  No way – my friend is fit, I couldn’t believe she was only working out less than an hour (usually much less than an hour) every day.

Again, long story short, I started doing their daily workouts at home.  All I had was a set of dumbbells- soooo I modified some things.  I was HOOKED!!! The workouts were (and still are) rough, but manageable, and I could see improvement.  That was 2.5 years ago.  Since then I’ve spent some time at GPP HQ.  I’ve trained with Neil, the owner, and the person who programs all the workouts.  He’s a genious, not kidding…  With his permission, and training we have become an affiliate to GPP Headquarters, and I coach the workouts here.
We’ve grown a little since me, my dumbbells and my bedroom to more equipment, the garage and a great group of folks (yes, I said folks :)) who love GPP too.

GPP has had an enormous impact on my life.  Life-changing I would say.  My goal is to share it with any and all who are interested.  Contact me if you want to come storm a workout with us and see all GPP can do for you!


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