Weight Loss Diets

At GPP we believe that carrying excess weight is one of the primary contributors to your ill-health.  If you are carrying extra weight and it is not a problem yet – it soon will be.  Carrying excess weight may also become problematic (in many ways) for those you love. We applaud you for taking the lead on this issue.

We know, through years of experience, your weight loss success will be very specific to you as an individual.  It may not be reasonable to expect that the nutritional program your friends or relatives have used to lose weight will/should/would work for you also. We hope it does and so we suggest you try it.  If you find, however, that what they are doing doesn’t work for you, we suggest you try one of these.  If that one doesn’t work, try another one.  keep trying until you find a method of weight loss that is manageable, efficient and effective for your needs.

We will keep posting successful/healthy meal plans and diets that we have specific experience with.  They are agressive.  They NEED to be.  Your success will be more immediate, more complete and longer lasting if they are.

Please be smart when using these or any other nutritional weight reduction plans.  Stay hydrated.  Take a multi. and if you have an unusual problem (just covering all the bases here)- scrap it and seek your M.D’s advice.


Burst Cycle

by Neil Anderson

This diet program has been responsible for  more lost weight than any other food program I have ever come across. I  developed it in 2001 after reading some research on keeping metabolism  high during low calorie dieting. You will lose 5+ lbs per week if you  are able to stick with it.  You will also keep that hard-earned GPP muscle if you are doing the workouts daily.
This program is very effective. It  works. Be perfect with it and you will make great progress. Only do this  program for 6 weeks then take a break. You may go back on it after  giving you body a 2 week break. Good luck…Write to me with any  questions.

1 cup cottage cheese  1/2 banana

Lunch (if you are out and about this is a 6” sub)
Sandwich: 2 pieces of bread, 1 oz. of cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, pickles  and 3-4 oz. of meat – (ham, turkey, roast beef, chicken)

4-6 oz. chicken breast, 1 cup vegetables

BCD Rules

  1. 3 days on (1000 calories), 1 day off (up to 2000 calories females/3200 males).
  2. Must take daily multi-vitamin.
  3. Must drink 64 oz. of water per day.
  4. Must do GPP workouts daily.
  5. Cannot cheat; if you cheat you must go off this diet.
  6. This diet can be counterproductive if misused.

Subway Diet

I don’t believe there is ONE eating program that works for everyone.  Take Jared Fogle. He lost 245 lbs. eating nothing but fast food. Jared  ate low fat Subway sandwiches and one bag (single serving size) of baked  chips twice a day for almost a year. Many times the scientific and  health care communities scoff at this type of dieting, but there is no  disputing his results. The guy went from a self-proclaimed 400+ pound  “schlub” to 180 pound walker. He has kept it off for almost 10 years. He  found what works for him and stuck with it. Total caloric intake for  his diet was right around 1000 per day. When I interviewed Jared for my  radio show, he told me that one of his rules was to “throw away  conventional wisdom.” I would say there were never wiser words spoken.
If you need to lose weight – try it! Combined with proper exercise, you may have great success, too. Here is what Jared did:
Lunch: one 6 inch turkey sub (with all the fixins) and a bag of single serving baked chips.
Dinner: one 12 inch veggie sub (loaded).
Jared doesn’t drink anything with calories.
This  diet helped him lose weight and gain back his health. He did it under a  doctors supervision. Make sure that anything you do to lose weight is  done under a doctors supervision, especially if you have any health  concerns.
Please write to me with your success story and what  worked for you! I will share it with everyone, if it is not too crazy.  We all need the help.


Show Shape Diet

Want to get “lean and mean?” There isn’t a better way to do it than  the following. Sometimes you just want to see how far you can take your  body. Here is the perfect 12 week program to make it happen. Tim went  from 204 down to 175 in less than 3 weeks. His body fat was below 5%.  You can do it, too. Be warned – this is going to take HEAVY discipline.

Simply eat 55 grams of protein each meal (8 X per day) – yes, you will need to weigh it.

Choose: * salmon * tuna * chicken * turkey * lean beef * amino acids * protein supplement (whey etc)

It is that simple – you eat the same thing day in and day out for 12  weeks. In order to speed things up and/or recover and regain energy, you  may choose to add the following supplements to your routine. Take as  directed.

Supplements – take as directed. * CEZ * NO2 * Protein powder * Amino Acids * Creatine * Stimerex * Thyroid enhancer (legal only)

At Night * 12 mg melatonin (over the counter) * Arginine/lysine combo.


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